11 August 2017

Xi'an easy visit and catching up

Late start for our first day visiting the town. We met Fang at our hotel and went to the old city walls. Today is spent mostly chatting and catching up with her, not really visiting the city. We reminisce about our time in London, and she tells us about her adjustment to her own home town, her job, her family.

You can walk all around it, but it would take a couple of hours at least, maybe more if you do not rush. I wish we had started earlier. Anyway, we have a good idea of the impressive fortifications of the ancient Chinese capital.

Most interesting museum, I am especially attracted to the gold statuettes. 

I remember when I came here in 1998 and the staff at the museum shop sold me a painting of Mulan. They wanted 1000 dollars, and I refused to even start a negotiation. Then, as I was making my way to the exit, they came after me and asked how much I was willing to pay. I hesitated, I said I could not make a reasonable offer. They insisted. They just wanted me to come up with a number. So I said "100 dollars", as the euro did not exist yet. And they said, faster than the blinking of an eye, "OK, it's yours". I always wondered about the provenance of that painting, which came with its own certificate but never knew and never will know more.

Dinner with street food in Muslim street, so many more tourists compared to 19 years ago. Lots of different food, especially lamb and seafood, notably grilled squid and crabs. Obviously not pork, it is still a Muslim street after all.

Lovely freshly squeezed juices of pomegranate, sugar cane, I prefer coconut.

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