08 July 2023

Speed awareness class

I got a speeding ticket a few weeks ago. I never speed, this was a minor distraction in central London, but still. I was given a choice: pay a penalty (80 GBP) and lose points or take a speed awareness class.

I decided to take the class and I must say it was worthwhile. This is what  I learned.

How do you guess the speed limit if there is no sign?

1. Street lights, no speed limit signs: 30 mph

2. No street lights, single lane both directions with no divider: 60 mph

3. No street lights, two lanes with divider line between them: 70 mph

4. Motorway, solid divider: 70mph

How much does a small increase in speed affect the seriousness of an accident?

At 20mph, 1% of road accidents are fatal

At 30mph, 7% are fatal

At 40mph, 31% are fatal

Where do serious accident take place? On motorways where cars drive faster? 

5% of fatal accidents happen on motorways

33% on rural roads

62% in urban areas

in UK 1700+ people are killed on the roads per year

Drive carefully!