01 April 2011

Films on China

Films on China

This is a small selection of movies about China which I have reviewed. In the US and internationally, you can buy movies on China here. In the UK you can click here to buy films on China.

Confucius (2010) by Hu Mei. Historical fictionon the life of the great sage.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) by Ang Lee.  Wuxia film in XIX century China.

The Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) by Zhang Yimou. Fiction on palace intrigues at the Tang imperial court.

Farewell my Concubine (1993) by Chen Kaige. How Peking Opera spanned the history of China in the XX century through the lives of two actors and a woman who got between the two of them.

La Guerra dei Fiori Rossi (2006) by Zhang Yuan. Children in China compete against each other at school.

Happy Times (2000) by Zhang Yimou. A older man and a blind girl meet by chance, but can they be happy?

Ju Dou (1990) by Zhang Yimou. Tragic story of love and power during feudal China's last spasm in the 1920s.

The Farewell (2019) by Lulu Wang. ***** Based on a true story of family love for a grandma who is nearing the end of her life.

The Lover (1992) by Jean-Jacques Annaud. A rich Chinese man meets a pretty French lady in French-ruled Vietnam in the 1930s.

Lust, Caution (2008), by Ang Lee. Passion and war in Japanese-occupied Taiwan.

Mongol (2007) by Sergei Bodrov. The life of young Gengis Khan, the Mongol who would become emperor of China.

Not one less (1999) by Zhang Yimou. A young teacher must learn quickly in a rural school.

Pushing Hands (1992) by Ang Lee. A Chinese tai-chi master moves to New York

Red Obsession (2013) by David Roach and Warwick Ross. China enters the world market for premium wine.

Red Sorghum (1987) by Zhang Yimou. A woman struggles for her life while China moves toward modernity.

The Road Home (1999) by Zhang Yimou. A son who made it in the city finds his roots in his family's village.

Sand Pebbles (1966) by Robert Wise. An American naval boat sails up a river in China in the 1930s.

The Story of Qiu Ju (1992) by Zhang Yimou. A peasant lady seeks justice in China's huge bureaucracy.

A Thousand Pieces of Gold  (1991) by Nancy Kelly. A love story to understand a piece of forgotten history of the Chinese in America.

Tuya's marriage (2007) by Wang Quan'an. The story of a woman who wants to marry another man to save her husband.

You and me (2013) by Zhang Yimou. A film on Chinese opera, not the best by this great director.

Youth (2017) by Feng Xiaogang. Young kids survive the traumas of the cultural revolution and the war with Vietnam to see the transformations of market reforms.

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