05 March 2020

Films about wine

Films are listed in alphabetical order by title. This is a "living list", continuously updated when I manage to see new films.

An Autumn Tale (1998), by Eric Rohmer. ****

Barolo Boys (2014) The story of how Barolo changed and became famous.

Bottle Shock (2008) by Randal Miller. ***** The story of the "Judgement of Paris" of 1976.

Disrupting Wine (2020) by Johan Rimestad. *** The story of Heini Zachariassen, the founder of Vivino.

L'Esprit du vin (2011) by Olympe and Yvon Minvielle. ** Apology of biodynamics.

A Good year (2006), by Ridely Scott. *** Romantic and captivating.

Mondovino (2004), by Jonathan Nossiter. ** Some interesting information but mostly rambling about the evil of globalization and the Americans behind it all.

Red Obsession (2013) by David Roach and Warwick Ross. **** The Chinese wealthy start buying great wines.

Résistence naturelle (2014), by Jonathan Nossiter. ** An accusation against presumed threats to wine and the environment.

A seat at the table (2019) by David Nash and Simon Mark-Brown.** New Zealand joins the top table of winemaking nations. 

Sideways (2004) by Alexander Payne. ***** The best romantic comedy about wine lovers.

Somm (2012) by Jason Wise. **** The story of a most excruciating battle to reach the summit of the wine trade.

Somm, into the bottle (2015), by Jason Wise. **** Stories of somms, rare bottles and the meaning of it all.

Somm 3, (2018), by Jason Wise. ** The worst of the trilogy. Three famous wine critics share their memories over rare bottles.

Three Days of Glory (2018) by Scott Wright and David Baker. *** Three days in Burgundy for an eclusive annual event.

Vintage (2019) by Colin West. * Vintage time at a NZ vineyard.

A Walk in the Clouds (1995), by Alfonso Arau. **** A good love story in the vineyard.

A Year in Burgundy (2013) by David Kennard. *** Documentary about a vintage (2011) and the people behind it.

You will be my son (2010), by Gilles Legrand. **** Father and son, and a third man, struggle over succession at the helm of a vineyard.

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