20 February 2018


Morning around town. Museum of the city, today entrance is free, lucky us. We can learn about the history of Macau, a mix of Chinese and European cultures. 

Given the Portuguese were here for 500+ years obviously there is lots of Christian heritage, though if you look around the main cathedral has collapsed long ago, only the façade is left and no one seems to be in a great hurry to rebuild it.

Huge crowds are channeled in one direction only through narrow cobbled streets, after all this façada is still one of the main attractions of Macau.

Other than gambling, Macau is well known for the manufacturing of matches and fireworks.

In the afternoon we visited a "Venetian" complex, complete with canals and gondolas, several of which are driven by Italian (I know they are, I talked to a couple of them) gondolieri one is a woman.

The choice for food is infinite, I'd like to try a Portuguese restaurant but Lifang's stomach was rumbling a bit and we decide to play it safe and go for a Hunanese eatery in the food court.

It was interesting to come to Macau, but I would lie if I said we were overwhelmed. Perhaps because we do not gamble, or perhaps we did not give it enough time, tomorrow we're gone again. Maybe it would be a good idea to return and spend a bit more time but somehow I was not able to get a feeling for the soul of this land.

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