06 February 2013

Film Review: September (1987), by Woody Allen, ***


It is late summer, and Lane (Mia Farrow), still fragile after a nervous breakdown, is staying at her childhood home in Vermont. She has been having an affair with Peter (Sam Waterston), a writer who lives nearby, but now relations between them seem to have inexplicably cooled. When Lane's mother (Elaine Stritch) arrives with unexpected news, and the fate of her relationship with Peter becomes clear, Lane's emotional world is thrown into turmoil once again. Written and directed by Woody Allen.


Another Allen movie about the volatility and relative meaninglessness of it all, September is not as rich of dry humor and effective punch lines as some of his other films. He investigates jealousy, bitterness, betrayal, love, but it is all not as deep as seen elsewhere in Allen's prolific filmography.

My favorite quote: "Universe is haphazard, morally neutral and unimaginably violent." I tend to agree. Watch the clip below.

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