10 June 2012

CD review: Lama's Chants Songs of Awa, *****

Marking the 10th year since this popular Buddhist chant album was first released, this reissue ups the ante by featuring an expanded format. The first disc is a re-mastered version of the original album. The second features unreleased live performances by Gyurme and keyboardists Rykiel and Loy Ehrlich between 1995 and 2001, and it's this second disc that is truly intriguing. Recorded in caves, cathedrals, concert halls and open air festivals, the quality of the recordings is excellent. Mostly chanting and occasionally doing some long tones, Gyurme's voice again seemingly embodies a mix of the human and the holy during his prayers for healing, purification, liberation and peace--he's particularly spectacular on his solo intro to "The Mantra Of Padmasambhaval." Musically, Ehrlich seamless fills out Rykiel's ambient backgrounds, and two do a fine job accentuating the drama and majesty of Gyurme's voice, only overpowering it on the opening "Sacred Words Of Liberation." This is definitely a reissue that deserves to replace the original. -- Tad Hendrickson for Amazon

If you have ever been in a Buddhist monastery in the Himalayan region these CDs will be familiar to you.

The recording is of the highest CD quality. In fact, from a purely technical point of view, you can probably enjoy this recording more than you could appreciate the music in a real temple, where acoustics are not always ideal.

Of course, these chants are not meant to entertain, but to recite the mantras. If you practice meditation, as I do, these CDs will make for a perfect background. They also facilitate my concentration when writing though I admit this is maybe a tad sacrilegious! :)

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