09 June 2012

Film Review: Never Say Never Again (1983), by Irvin Kershner, ***


Sean Connery is back for his final performance as superagent James  Bond in this high-velocity action thriller from the director of The  Empire Strikes Back. When two atomic warheads are hijacked by the evil  SPECTRE organization, Agent 007 is hurled into an explosive,  pulse-pounding race to save the world from nuclear terrorists!


Well this is not the best Bond movie. But then not every Bond movie can be the best Bond movie. It's good though, despite the mixed reviews. I also found it interesting to see Kim Basinger when she was thirty years old. Being an (ex) scholar on nuclear weapons made me giggle not a little for the awkward procedures and handling of the nukes... but heck it's a movie!

A bit sad at the end of the movie to hear Connery, while kissing Kim Basinger, replying "Never again!" when an emissary of his boss asks him to go back to work as the service is not the same without him. Well so it was the final appearance of the best Bond ever!

Missing at the beginning is the traditional gun barrel sequence, as this is (the only one) not produced by Eon Productions.

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