25 December 2001

4. - 25 December: drive to Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram

Early morning depart for Kanchipuram (2hrs), the city of a thousand temples and famous for its handwoven silk fabrics and saris. Sightseeing visiting temples fo Ekambareshwaran, Kamakshi, Vardarajaperumal , Kailashanatha. Also visit the weaving handloom center. 

Christmas is not celebrated in India, of course, unless you belong to the minority community, of whom there are quite a few in Kerala but not so many here in Tamil Nadu. So we basically skip it today.

Proceed on to Mahabalipuram (1/half hr drive).  Mahabalipuram is on the seashore, city of 7 pagodas and is the 7th century seaport of the Pallava empire. On arrival checked at the unremarkable and definitely not so "ideal" Ideal Resort Hotel.

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