16 November 2013

Shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese art, British Museum, London 3 October 2013 – 5 January 2014

Creative sex

One can't have everything

Shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese art

3 October 2013 – 5 January 2014

Explicit and beautifully detailed, these works, produced between 1600 and 1900, have continued to influence manga, anime and Japanese tattoo art. The exhibition sheds new light on this taboo art form within Japanese social and cultural history. Parental guidance advised for visitors under 16.

You can buy the exhibition's catalogue here:

And here is a less expensive book:

Very interesting exhibition about erotic Japanese art. It was produced as of the 17th century but was long banned in Japanese after the Meji restoration, it has recently been rediscovered.

You can watch a trailer of the exhibition here, and the curator's presentation here.

You can watch some videos here, here, here and here.

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