17 October 2010

Bibliography: Books on Cuba

I am adding books little by little... I visited Cuba in 2003 so most books are from the last decade. You can read my travel diary (in Italian) on this blog.

Goracci, Roberto: "A Est dell'Avana" (TEA, 2001). Spassoso e istruttivo racconto di tre anni a Cuba negli anni 1990.

Foss, Clive: "Fidel Castro" (Sutton: Phoenix Mill, 2000). A concise and focused description of Castro's life and policies to 2000.

Smith, Stephen: "The Land of Miracles: A Journey Through Modern Cuba" (Abacus, 1998).

Films on Cuba:

Frei, Christian: "Ricardo, Myriam and Fidel" (1997). A true story of illusion and disenchatment with the Revolution.

Garcia, Andy: "The Lost City" (2005). A evocative recollection of Batista's final hours and the birth of the revolution in 1959.

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