02 July 2010

Book Review: Exploring Kinnaur and Spiti in the Trans-Himalaya, by D Sanan and D. Swadi, ****

This book fills a gap in the literature in that while there are a number of guides and travelogues on Ladakh, Kahsmir and Uttarankhand, this region has been somewhat neglected. A great book about travels here is by Giuseppe Tucci: "Dei, demoni e oracoli", but it dates back to 1933 and as far as I know has not been translated in English.

This book is mainly about trekking, and there are detailed description of all the itineraries one can trek in thie area. However, the first six chapters and 100+ pages also provide interesting historical, social and cultural background.

There are also a number of B&W photos, but the quality is not so good. Still, it's enough to give you an idea. if you are interested in photos there are better books about the Himalaya, don't get this one.

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