07 January 2010

10. - 7 JAN: Axum to Gondar

Long transfer on the "Strada degli Italiani" toward Gondar. Early breakfast by the roadside, where a stunningly beautiful lady serves us eggs and fresh orange juice.

The road is not paved well here, and every truck raises huge clouds of dust that linger in mid air for longs minutes.

The landscape is king today, as the majestic ambas offer different shades of blues and greens and browns to my telephoto lens.

Many memories of past wars on the way, from an Italian fort on a hilltop to rusting tanks from the more recent wars with Eritrea. It's now a playground for some kids from a bearby farm.

In one village, an abandoned Agip gas station testifies to the long standing Italian presence in the country.

We reach Gondar in the evening, and hit the sack early, this has been a long day on the road and tomorrow will be busy for us and our cameras.

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