27 September 2007

Bibliography: Books on Tonga

This is my selection of most significant books on Tonga, a country I visited in 2007: culture, history, tourism, politics, and of course travelogues, I have tried to include as much as I could. I am gradually reviewing each book on Amazon and on this blog, and you will find all reviewed titles linked from the list below. Let me know if you have suggestions of titles to include in this list!

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Guidebooks and maps

Lonely Planet e Moon Book (ma è del 1999), entrambe su Tonga e Samoa.

History, politics and culture

Bain, Kenneth: “The Friendly Islanders: a Story of Queen Salote and Her People” (Hodder and Stoughton, 1967). The story of a Commonwealth administraton officer who lived in Tonga and Samoa all his life, got married and raised a family here.

Borsani, Ambrogio: Stranieri a Samoa (Neri Pozza 2006) Racconti sulla vita a Samoa di europei ed americani più o meno illustri, ma tutte esperienze interessanti.

Cartmail, Keith..: "Art of Tonga" (Univ of Hawaii, 1957). Pretty pictures of art in Tonga.

Childress, David H.: “Ancient Tonga and the Lost City of Mu’a, including Samoa, Fiji and Rarotonga” (Adventurers Unlimited Press, 1996). Archeological research, good pictures

Dale, Paul: "The Tonga Book" (Airleaf, 2006) The adventures of William Mariner in Tonga and the South meridionale in the early 1800s. There is also a complete version of Mariner's own writings, in two volumes, but it's  probably overkill for most readers.

Garzella, Simone: "Sottosopra" (Robin, 2006) Selezione di brevi storie di autori del Pacifico del Sud.

Pratt, Hugo: Una ballata del mare salato, fumetto ambientato nella regione al tempo della Grande Guerra.

Rutherford, Noel: Shirley Baker and the King of Tonga (Pasifika, 1996) The story of a missionary who helped make Tonga what it is today. Storia di un missionario del 1800 che ha influenzato la vita politica del regno.

Wood-Ellen, Elizabeth: Queen Salote of Tonga: The Story of an Era, 1900-1965 (Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1999). The history of Tonga through the life of the queen who ruled it for most of the XX century.


Ladyard, Patricia: "Friendly Island" (Davies, 1956)

Pigliasco, Guido Carlo: "Paradisi Inquieti" (Edt, 2000) Racconto di viaggio a Samoa.

Rosendal, Jorgen: “The Happy Lagoons” (London: Adventurers’ Club, 1961). Racconti di viaggio di un danese alla scoperta di Tonga.

Small, Cathy: "Voyages: From Tongan Villages to American Suburbs" (Cornell, 1997). Storie recenti di emigrazione da Tonga verso gli USA.

Whitty, Julia: "A Tortoise for the Queen of Tonga" (Mariner Books, 2002). La storia della tartaruga che si dice Cook regalò al Re di Tonga nel 1776 e che morì nel.... 1966! Ed altre storie.


“Mutiny on the Bounty" Christian Fletcher actually put Captain Bligh on a lifeboat in Tonga!

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