27 April 1980

Wilanow, missed Chopin and more food

Parents at Wilanow
In the morning we all go to Wilanow, a beautiful park with a magnificant XVII century royal palace. We are lucky as it is a beautiful day.  Long walks and visit to the palace, heritage of the time when Poland was a powerful kingdom.

Lunch at Borzena's, with some funny exchanges between my parents and hers since they have no common language and no one can translate from Italian to Polish. So the conversation develops via English. Much is probably lost in translation but who cares about the substance, it is a very warm welcome that we all appreciate very much.

Chopin was born here
Trip to Zelanowa Wola, the birthplace of Chopin, the most famous Polish composer. Unfortunately his home museum s closed, despite the fact that Borzena called them in advance to make sure they would be open to visitors. Too bad. We'll try to come back, it's not far and there are frequent concerts performed by pianists from all over the world.

Dinner back to Borzena's. My parents have a hard time understanding when we explain that people must line up for food for hours. Borzena's family provides such meals that make you think this is easy for them. Of course it isn't, we know well, and it is all the more remarkable for that.

We have driven a lot today and need to fill up. For the first time, our usual gas station will not sell us fuel at the "Polish" price, apparently they have had some problems with the authorities. But today they want the "foreign" price, about four times more expensive.

No problem, we just go to another station and proceed as usual to pay the subsidized price: 25 zl/liter.

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