08 April 2023

Back in Hong Kong

After four years of lockdown and flight cancellations, and my twins being born in between, we are back in Hong Kong. First day exploring the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, where the seemingly endless construction work of the last 10 years or so was finally over. The Avenue of the Stars was enjoyable as ever, and we could walk the whole length of it, and more, almost all the way to the old airport in the east.

By the restored Museum of Fine Arts there was a fair of traditional Chinese culture: clothes, food, and of course calligraphy. A little girl, perhaps seven years old, was dressed in a Tang dynasty costume and kept busy calling passersby to join one of the many stands offering insights into the Chinese past.

We stopped at a calligrapher's stand and he graciously painted my Chinese name and those of the kids. 
Later we walked along the water some more and found a stage where singers from the various parts of China were performing ancient music dressed in traditional costumes from all the major dynasties of China's long imperial history.

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