03 January 2013

Film review: Dikkenek (2006) by Olivier Van Hoofstadt, ****


JC et Stef sont des amis d'enfance. Inséparables. JC est LE dikkenek belge, un donneur de leçon à cinq balles, un moralisateur, un tombeur de minettes, bref une grande gueule intégrale, coiffé comme un peigne. Stef est tout le contraire. Il cherche le Grand Amour, mais vu qu'il ne bouge pas de son lit, il va avoir du mal à trouver. JC lui explique donc la méthode : faire un sans-faute du point A jusqu'au point G.


An excellent film about the underproletariat of Belgium. Here you will see the sort of people most international civil servants and foreign executives never meet. Machos, immigrants, spoiled brats, you get them all here. It is a bit difficult to follow as the humor is typically Belgian and even good French speakers may have problems getting the puns. On the other hand the idiomatic and facial expressions of the male characters are priceless!

I especially appreciated Mélanie Laurent's interpretation of Natasha, a rich young princess who is in no hurry to make any effort to earn a living but can face up to big fat thugs!

I only found a DVD in French with Dutch subtitiles.

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