30 June 2010

File review: Whatever works (2009), by Woody Allen, *****


Boris Yellnikoff (Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm) is angry, opinionated and happy to live a reclusive life. All that changes when he begrudgingly allows naive Mississippi runaway Melodie (Evan Rachel Wood) to live in his apartment. When her simple optimism proves resistant to his bitter sarcasm, an unlikely friendship begins. A comedy from the inspired partnership of Larry David and writer/director Woody Allen.


An incredibly well thought out film that confirmed a long held conviction of mine about what is really important about life. What is really important about life? Nothing specificaly. Whatever works is important for each of us. No prejudices, no preconceptions, no hook-ups. Of course, a corollary of this theory is that what is important for someone is not important for another.

Of course we all have out different tastes but I really don't understand those who say this movies is not funny. It is for me. Extremely. Witty, quick, and well maybe I am thick but I did not find it predictable at all.

I do agree with those who argued Woody might as well have played the protagonist's role. Why did he not? David acts so much like Woody. He actually even sort of looks like him. When I first saw the movie I assumed Allen was acting and took me several minutes to realize it was not him on the set!

Strongly recommended.

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