22 April 2010

Book Review: Sailing Around the World, by Lizzi Eordegh and Carlo Auriemma, *****

In 1993, Elisabetta Eordegh and Carlo Auriemma set sail aboard the specially designed Barca Pulita (which translates, literally, as "clean boat") to circumnavigate the world in an attempt to chronicle the last unspoiled natural sites on earth via a journey that made as little impact as possible on the earth and sea. A 44-foot ketch, the boat was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that made the most of "green" technology, from the clean conversion of energy to the use of special non-toxic varnish...

To date, the boat has covered 40,000 miles, giving the authors the unique opportunity to document the state of a vast range of natural settings. From the tiny Polynesian island of Anuta, with a human population of 250, to the island of Zabargad in the Egyptian Red Sea, known for its rich marine life, they have traversed the sea to photograph the world’s most spectacular places, presented here in superb color pictures that depict the landscapes, flora, and fauna that make each of these places a precious global resource. The compelling text describes the unique characteristics and species of each location as well as the fascinating earth-friendly technology that made these observations possible.

Lizzi and Carlo have done what many dream but don't have the guts to try. Living six months of the year on a boat, sailing around the Pacific, and the other six in Italy showing their documentaries. It can be done! Where there is a will there is a way, and one does not need too much money either. In fact, you can make money and live off your sailing. The go where almost no one else goes, they stop for weeks in remote islands to witness a world invisible to most of us. The write about it with objective candor, without romanticizing the primitive life in the islands. This book is an overview of pictures and brief descriptions of places they have seen all over the world over the last 25 years or so.

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