23 August 2016

3. - 23 Aug: From Paro to Bhumtang

In order to save a dozen hours of driving or do (we'll have more than plenty anyway) today we're flying east to Bhumtang.

The small ATR 42-500 (the only one in the fleet of Druk Air) takes off after a short acceleration and makes a steep ascent into the clouds. Some 45 minutes later the pilot points the aircraft's nose down to make a stopover at Gelephu.

A few passengers disembark and new ones board. Again we're the only game in town today at the tiny airstrip and as the turboprop heads up to the sky we leave.

Land at Bhumtang again in dramatic scenery. It takes them forever to unload the plane even though it is the only plane (probably for the whole day). No problem, we sit around the runway and take pictures. Then head to our hotel.

Roadsign: Mountains are pleasure, only if you drive with leisure

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